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Digital Switching Systems LLC

In his role as Vice-President & General Manager, ROAR founder Ken Wood supplied business development, engineering, and operations leadership to Digital Switching Systems LLC, a global power multiplexing technology subsidiary of DNA Group, Inc. He was able to build and lead a 25 member multi-cultural, cross-functional team to design, market, manufacture, and sell value-based, embedded-controller power management solutions. Ken managed the profit and loss (P&L), market entry strategies, product and business plans, sales channels, MARCOM initiatives, sales representative training and factory alignment.

Key accomplishments:

  • Ken and his team increased revenues by 42% annually at an average gross margin of 55% by successfully penetrating international marketplaces for company products and technology.
  • Under Ken’s supervision the DSS team devised optimal feature sets for new solid-state power management products through focus group sessions with “first–adopter” customers which accounted for 25% of total revenue in first year of production. The team was recognized for outstanding coordination and alignment efforts.
  • Ken and his team developed and executed value-based product marketing and branding strategies that increased DSS’s served available market (SAM) share by 30%.

Digital Switching Systems

Ken managed the Digital Switching Systems business unit at DNA, and we worked closely on corporate initiatives as well as collaborated on many common issues within our unique units. Ken is a great person to discuss big picture ideas and concepts with. I found his insight and experience very helpful in solving problems and creating strategies for managing change and promoting our products and services.

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