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Develop Your Core Message

Your business’s messaging is the CORE of your business’s marketing strategy. It begins with two things: a clear understanding of YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER.

The Core Message Creation process implemented by ROAR enables your business to systematically identify all of its selling points, rank them in importance, and develop a compelling message based on its core offerings.

Questions That We Explore In Detail Include:

  • What does your business do well?
  • For what do you want your business to be known in the marketplace?
  • Who benefits from the value that your business creates?
  • What specific business ‘pains’ or obstacles does your customer currently face?
  • How does the value you provide uniquely address and alleviate your customer’s business “pains?”
  • Why should your customer buy from you?
  • What would be a pleasurable outcome for your customer?
  • How does your customer measure value?
  • Who competes with you to serve your customer?
  • How does your business’s product/service offerings fit in with other offerings in the marketplace?

ROAR engages with you to uncover answers to these and other important discovery questions and, based on this information, creates a core messaging strategy that boldly communicates your unique value. Moreover, ROAR has the skills and experience to address the difficult challenges that technology companies face when they attempt to translate their complex product/service “features” into customer-valued “benefits.”

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