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Develop A Sales Playbook

In order to sell successfully, your company should have a Sales Playbook that fully documents a sales process that enables your company to realize repeatable and predictable sales. The playbook is a means by which you can capture learned “best practices” and communicate them to your salespeople. Moreover, it concisely describes what your salespeople should do in different situations that they might encounter.

Typical Components Of The Sales Playbook Include:

  • An Introduction to Your Business and Sales Organization
  • Sales Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • Information About the Company’s Products/Services & Pricing
  • An Overview of Your Company’s Sales Process and Planning
  • Care & Feeding of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool
  • Sales Performance Measurement
  • Commissions & Incentives

The team at ROAR is able to leverage its many years of strategic account selling experience to develop a Sales Playbook specifically tailored by the needs of your business… and your customer.

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